Ally Sign Up for Individuals

To sign up as an individual Ally on the Hawai‘i Says NO MORE Ally Map, please fill out the form below.  Individuals are only listed on the map by the name provided below and the zip code. If you wish to remain anonymous, don’t type anything under the “name” section.

To sign up your organization or business as an Ally, visit our Ally sign up for organizations.

Ally - Individual

  • Please list the name you would like listed on the Ally Map. If you wish to remain anonymous, don't type anything here.
  • In order to place you on the map, we need the zip code you would like to be associated with.
  • Tell us what you say NO MORE to (for example, "I Say NO MORE Fear" or "I Say NO MORE shame"). This phrase will be shown publicly if someone clicks on your pin on the map.
  • By submitting this form I certify that I am over 13 years of age, that the information is correct to the best of my abilities, and that I have reviewed and agree with the Hawaii Says No More Privacy Policy. I understand that all the information I've provided may be made public for everyone to see. As an Ally, I agree to support the Hawaii Says NO MORE Statement of Purpose.

We reserve the right to select the individuals, organizations or businesses we feature and add to our Ally Map.

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Hawaii Facts and Statistics

1 in 7 women in Hawaiʻi have been raped in their lifetimes. That's 67,000 women.

Over 500 victims seek services from domestic violence shelters in Hawaiʻi daily.

Because it's someone

Note on Hawaiian Spelling:

Hawaiʻi Says NO MORE has taken special care to include the ʻokina (glottal stop) and kahakō (macron) marks used in the proper spelling of Hawaiian words on all our materials and throughout this website. Due to compatibility issues with certain Web browsers and/or search engines, however, they may not display properly. Mahalo, in advance, for your understanding.

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